Eyelash extensions are an exciting and interesting new way to make your natural eyelashes look thicker and longer. Lash extensions use single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are made to look like natural eyelashes. They are usually attached to your existing lashes. They are usually attached to each individual natural lash to make it look more natural and beautiful looking.

Eyelash extensions are attached using a bonding agent that is water-proof. This means that you can apply makeup and mascara, play sports and even swim without fear of your lashes falling off or getting damaged. This method allows for hassle-free convenience of eyelash extensions without the tedious process of attaching fake lashes every time you go out. These lashes also last longer and with proper care can stay on for up to 6 weeks before you need a touch up.

how to wash your face with eyelash extensions

With that in mind, eyelash extension care is important to ensure that your lashes always look full and long without damaging it. This is especially important while washing your face as you do not want to apply too much pressure on the lashes that they may fall off.

It is important that before you start washing your face is that you prepare what you need to make it easier to wash your face even with eyelash extensions.

First, make sure you have your facial cleanser and clean water. You will also need a sponge that will be used for wiping your face clean. You can get that kind of sponge from any cosmetic or beauty store.

Mix some of your facial cleanser with the water and start applying to your face. Start with your cheeks, slowly moving to your nose and forehead area, avoiding the eye area for now. Once you’ve applied facial cleanser to most of your face, slowly apply the cleanser undearneath your eyes and on your eyelids while avoiding touching your lashes. Continue doing so until your entire face is completely covered in facial cleanser.

Next, grab your sponge, dip it in water and start rubbing the facial cleanser of your face. Start with the eye sockets. Do this as gently as possible, while making sure you avoid your eyelashes in the process. This is to ensure that your lashes stay on and is not in direct contact with running water. Moving from the eye sockets, continue wiping your face until all of the facial cleanser is removed. You may need to rinse your sponge several times of the facial cleanser in the process of wiping your face.

While washing your face, make sure to do the following:

1 Do not rub your eyes hard while wiping your face. Make sure to avoid the eyelash area so that your lashes don’t fall off.

2 Make sure to avoid running water on your lashes as well as we do not want to damage the bonding agent.

3 You can wash your face on a sink, if needed, with a washcloth. Again avoid your lashes while washing your face.

4 If you have make up on, it is best to use oil-free make up remover and make sure to gently rub the makeup off while avoiding the lashes so that you can avoid any tugging and pulling of your new lashes.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your lashes will always stay clean and last longer even when washing your face. 

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